Achieving Weight Loss Through Affirmations

One of the most important pieces of gaining permanent weight loss has nothing to do with the foods you eat or the exercises you do. It has to do with your mindset. Some people are able to lose weight effectively, and then gain it all back, while others, those who have made the proper changes to their lives to lose weight, can stay thin for the rest of their lives. The major difference between these two people is in that one person is achieving weight loss through affirmations, often without even realizing it, while the other is not. One of the most powerful tools for losing weight could en up being weight loss through affirmations.

Affirmations are a thought or a statement that we say to ourselves which has a profound effect on how we act or feel. Depending on its positive or negative nature, the mind then acts accordingly which can lead to either positive or negative impact on our lives. Thus, if you want to achieve weight loss through affirmations, you need to know how to utilize these techniques to give you the mindset of a skinny person. Weight loss through affirmations is an underused and understudied technique, but the effects can be profound.

To achieve weight loss through affirmations we must first overcome our negative thoughts because it is a major contributor to our general mindset. We must let go of these thoughts as these thoughts are major resistance to our weight loss through affirmation treatment. Instead of thinking ‘I am fat’ or ‘I will never be slim again’ try thinking ‘Today I have succeeded in losing some of excess fats’ or ‘I look thinner’. These kinds of statements leads to a positive and fruitful results.

For a positive result of weight loss through affirmations, the affirmations need to be repeated many times. Write down any positive thought you get maybe in a diary, on a piece of card or whichever way is convenient to you. Review them daily to get your mind to completely accept these thoughts and think of them as nothing but true. Preferably review them twice a day. Initially along with positive thoughts, you will eventually run across negative thoughts that continually occur to you. Note down these thoughts as well and at the end of the day review them and try replacing them with something more positive. For example if you have a thought such as ‘this isn’t working’ or ‘I don’t see any change’ try replacing it with ‘I feel lighter’ or ‘I feel thinner’ or ‘It really is working’. You should say your weight loss affirmations out loud, and try to use them in the way that you think, and you should be much better off.

Weight loss through affirmations depends on thoughts and in particular the words that one uses to attain weight loss through affirmations. Proper terminology varies from person to person, but the right words are needed for this weight loss technique to actually work. Try to us simple and direct sentences which your mind can easily get used to without causing any negative effect. This is important as even positive words can have negative effects.

One example of the power of affirmations is Steroids for Bodybuilding and Weight Loss  noted by Barbara Doberman Levine, author of “Your Body Believes Every Word You say” talked about one man who read about hypnosis and began to affirm to himself, “I am not hungry.” Instead he actually gained weight. Whenever he told himself he was not hungry his mind focused its attention to see if he was hungry. He repeated this affirm so many times that his subconscious actually put energy into making him hungry. So he felt more hungry through this affirm rather than before adopting it. Barbara Levine also says, “Telling yourself not to do something, you focus attention on the very thing you are avoiding, making it harder to avoid”.

Thus, you can not expect to achieve weight loss through affirmation using phrases like ‘I will not eat chocolate’ because this brings to mind the thought of eating chocolate, which in turn will make you desire it more. Instead, say something like ‘I eat healthy foods’ because this is vague enough to avoid problems, but focuses specifically on the idea of controlling what you eat. The words ‘no’ and ‘not’ should never appear in your weight loss affirmations.

Weight loss through affirmations is not only about having the right tho