Increase Your Fertility Rate By Increasing Your Sperm Count

Male fertility rates seem to have been drastically reduced over the last couple of years. Also, the volume of the sperm has been found to decline significantly. As a result of which there are a couple of men who are looking for ways to help them boost their sperm volume and to increase their fertility rate. These is because most of the men feel that they more manly if they are able to ejaculate loads of sperm.

Sperm as such comprises of two separate elements namely sperm and seminal plasma. The sperm that is actually produced by the testicles usually consist of just 2% to 5%of the actual semen that is being produced. And this is one of the major reasons why it is very difficult to increase the volume of the sperm. Though you might easily increase your sperm count but increasing your spermĀ semenax reviews volume can be quite a task. Yet increasing your sperm volume would mean increasing your chances of being fertile nevertheless it is all in all a different subject.

Since the volume of the sperm contains very little amount of sperm, it is important to focus on the activities of the prostrate and the seminal vesicle so as to increase the volume of the sperm. Otherwise the effort would be fruitless. If you actually want to increase the volume of your sperm then it is important to ensure that your body is well hydrated. This is because nearly 98% of the sperm consists of water. Remember that dehydration can lead to clumpy semen and reduced sperm volume. The healthy functioning of the prostate largely depends on the presence of zinc. Saw palmetto is one such herb that contributes to the proper function of the prostate gland.

There are also several other herbal constituents that helps in increasing the testicular and seminal vesicle activity. Some of the herbs that greatly contribute to these healthy functioning are horny goat weed, Swedish pollen extract, catauba etc. All these herbs are can greatly increase the production of sperm as well as the production of large volume of semen. The simplest way to increase the sperm volume and quality of the sperm is to take a regular dose of multivitamins.